About Joe

MFA. - Media Design
BAS - Digital Animation
Avaliablity: Contract & Full Time
The Work Me

A Multi-Discplined Senior Designer born in San Diego, CA whose also lived in Texas & Connecticut.

Now, based in St. Louis, MO with my son, girlfriend and an awesome bonus son, I create innovative user-centric, aesthetically pleasing web, print & digital experiences that balance; technical, time and business constraints.

I wear many design hats but my favorites are brand identity, web design and media design projects.

Whether you're looking to build or fine tune a brand, design or redesign a website for optimal experience, craft an interface for an app or integrate eye-catching design in to digital and print media, I've got you covered.

The Off-Work Me
Currently, working on a typeface based off of a typographic style I experimented with as a kiddo.
I love trail walking, hiking and taking photos while I’m at it. We also enjoy adventurous travel, adventuring, camping  and landscape architecture. For this reason, we are relocating to Denver the second half of 2024. We have been there 5 times in the last 2 years, why not?
I'm carrying a camera and snapping images everywhere I go. The majority of images I shoot are landscapes. I love to freeze-frame sports action and capture magical moments during weddings, I shoot on my Sony a7riii & my Samsung S22 Ultra (I've always designed on a Mac).
Favorite directors: Tarantino,  Schneider & Kubrick.
6 • Personal Projects
4 • Client Portfolio
10 • Gear: Sony A7r3, Galaxy S22 Ultra
Brad Identity Design
I consider myself branding specialist with a passion for creating brand identities that tell stories and resonate with audiences. I have experience developing brand style guides, designing logos, and creating marketing collateral for a variety of clients across all platforms, including digital and print.
6 • Personal Projects
4 • Client Portfolio
10 • Gear: Sony A7r3, Galaxy S22 Ultra
The Creative Act - A Way of Being - Rick Rubin
Be Great
The Greatest My Own Story

    Brand Identity Design

    Web Design

    I have over a decade of experience creating original and diverse websites for small to medium-sized businesses, large firms, and startups. I am skilled in working independently or collaborating with agencies and development teams to deliver high-quality results.


    As design guru with expertise in both traditional and digital design, I have created user interfaces, magazines, marketing collateral, and video/photography projects for a variety of clients. I am also available for consultation and can help you with any of your design needs.