loop life

Loop life is new a golf accessory and apparel company that sells it products both online and in gold resorts all over the country. As it being a new company I was tasked with establishing the brand, developing the online store using Shopify and designing brand packaging for the products.
Accessories & Apparel
Logo Development
Identity Design
Custom Shopify Template
Packaging Design
Joe Abellard


Establish identity standards to create consistency on both the website and in digital and print media.
Create a look and feel that would better resonate with website visitors in order to increase organic reach.
Create a better user experience for both new and current clients.
I created a logo that converged the idea of the infinite loop in a Mobius strip along with a golf loop.
With "Golf Forever" being the brands tagline, the creative goal was to create a logo that would resonate with golfers.
The loop lyfe logo was inspired but the owners love for math. His in aspiration was the ideology behind the Möbius Strip 's endless loop and how it related to loops in golf.
I established a color palette and established a font pair to create the brand's identity and online experience.
Green represents nature and harmony. Gray evokes sophistication. While red, used minimally, adds thoughts of action. Light blue adds trust and is a secondary color option for apparel only.
The looplyfe style guide has specific details on correct logo usage, acceptable logo variations, color rules and typography specifications.

Pantone 354 C
C82 M7 Y100 K0

Pantone 447 C
C69 M63 Y62 K58

Pantone 1788 C
C0 M88 Y82 K0

Pantone 2925 C
C71 M17 Y0 K0


loop lyfe's products include golf markers, market holders, hand towels and apparel. I created the brand packaging for the products as well.
Loop Lyfe Brand Style Guide
Loop Lyfe Brand Style Guide
Loop Lyfe Brand Style Guide
Loop Lyfe Brand Style Guide