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• Warehouse Management Software

Infoplus is a cloud-based warehouse management software created by fulfillment experts to simplify all aspects of your warehouse, from managing inventory to shipping and receiving.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with Infoplus as a one-stop shop for creative and technical design solutions.

Infoplus Commerce Mobile Floor Apps showing on an Phone in a warehouse with a worker

Brand Identity

Style Guide Revisions & Icon Design for consistency

Agile App Design

Leveraging JIRA and best practices in UI/UX design, I streamlined the design process for their app and API.

Website Design

Communicating Infoplus's value proposition to it's target audience.
My collaboration with the team at Infolus propelled their growth. Working alongside the Infoplus team, we achieved significant results:
  • Enhanced Brand Recognition: Infoplus gained wider recognition as a leader in the warehouse management SaaS market.
  • Soaring Website Traffic: Website views skyrocketed, indicating a surge in interest from potential customers.
  • Increased Lead Generation: User engagement soared, with a significant rise in leads interested in trying Infoplus's software for their businesses.
  • Mobile App Success: The mobile warehouse floor apps were not only well-received but also actively used by businesses, streamlining operations for their teams.

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Streamlining Warehouses with User-Centered Design
To ensure the mobile floor apps perfectly addressed warehouse needs, I took a user-centered approach:
  • Deep Research: We conducted in-depth research through warehouse visits, gathering valuable feedback directly from employees. This ensured the apps tackled their real-world pain points.
  • Intuitive Design: Using cutting-edge tools like Adobe XD for mockups and Adobe Illustrator for graphics, I created user flows, and user interfaces that were both visually appealing and intuitive to use.
  • Collaborative Development: Through close collaboration with the development team, we translated my design vision into a functional and user-friendly mobile app.
The result? Businesses loved the mobile floor apps, praising their ability to streamline everyday warehouse processes.
Infoplus Mobile Floor Apps
UI User Flows for Infoplus Commerce
UI User Flows
Unlocking Power: Designing the Infoplus API Interface
This user-friendly interface allows businesses to leverage the full functionality of Infoplus, unlocking its potential for their unique workflows and maximizing its impact on their operations.
Infoplus's decision to open-source their API was a strategic move, empowering businesses to tailor the software to their specific needs. I was proud to be entrusted with designing the Infoplus API interface.
Infoplus API
Infoplus Commerce Interface Design
Mobile Application Design